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Purchase 30 ROW Universal Aluminum Engine Transmission Oil Cooler Silver


Core Size : 11.22x11x2 inches(285mmx280mmx51mm)

Overall Size :13×12.25×2 inches (330mmx311.15mmx51mm)

IN/OUT  Size:AN6,8,10

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One Brand New Aluminum Universal Oil Cooler Silver, 30rows, AN8 Fitting

High Performance , Works for Many Applications:

Enginee, Transmission , Power Steering

Overall Size: 13x12.25x2 inches (330mmx311.15mmx51mm)

Core Size: 11.22x11x2 inches(285mmx280mmx51mm)

Inlet/Outlet Center Distance: 10 inches (254mm)

Rows: 30

Material: 100% aluminum

We carry Full line of Oil Coolers , from 7 rows to 30 rows, AN6 to AN10

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