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Hot! Air to Air Intercooler | intercooler factory

Hot Aluminum Air to air intercooler (Core Size: 450*180*65 – Diameter: 2.5 inch – Weight: 4 kg) Air to air intercooler manufacturer & supplier

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Popular Air to air intercooler with high quality.

MEDIUM UNIVERSAL ALLOY INTERCOOLER Ideal For Petrol Or Diesel Cars, Universal Alloy Intercooler Bar & Plate Design (Strongest & Best Performing).

The trend of car tuning has been considered essential for improving the efficiency and performance of your vehicle, and it caters to enhancing the base motor of the vehicle by supplying it with modern modified car parts. The addition of these modified car parts contributes to the improvement of the performance of a car.

Car tuning or the incorporation of modified car parts are inclusive of upgrading the engine and management system of a car for inflating its power output. Additional changes are made to enable the vehicle to endure the incremented power, which includes improved steering, efficient brakes, robust suspension, and transmission modifications.

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